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Ok, so we weren't back

I am going to shift the update schedule (cross our fingers) to once every 2 weeks on Sunday. Although, page 22 will probably be 3 weeks and I will explain why. As I hinted at two years ago, I now work full time at my job. This has left me with very little time to work with between all my other things. However, with the shifting scheduling at work, I do have a bit of a better, more comic conducive schedule. That being that every other week, I have the weekend off and that I now essentially have Fridays off as well.

This gain in free time as well as my working ahead in my time off on both this and Yakuza Love have made it so I have a lot more comic pages that are closer to print ready. This can make it easier for me to update as some of the hardest stuff is already done. It makes me feel I can take advantage of this extra time to work more on my comics. I still don't think I can go back to weekly updates (and at the moment only Sunshowers will be updating), so I will put the limit of every other weekend, and posting on Sundays of my weekend off.

Also, tomorrow there will be an even bigger announcement about some changes and such. Which will also touch on why some of my other stuff is not updating. So please do check in tomorrow for more exciting news!

posted by Ringo-Ichigo @ August 2nd, 2015, 10:00 pm  -  0 Comments

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